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Groupon Cashback Rebates

Cashback Site Cashback Amount
Mr. Rebates 7% rebate (was 2% 2 days ago) Go to Mr. Rebates
Ebates 6.0% cash back (was 15.0% 6 months ago) Go to Ebates 6% cash back Go to 6% cashback (was 4% 5 days ago) Go to
ShopDiscover 5.0% rebate (was 15.0% about 1 year ago) Go to ShopDiscover
Big Crumbs 4.2% rebate (was 3.6% about 1 month ago) Go to Big Crumbs 3% cash back (was 4% 5 months ago) Go to 3.00% rebate (was 1.00% 4 months ago) Go to
Delta Airlines 6 miles per dollar cashback (was 2 miles per dollar 1 day ago) Go to Delta Airlines
US Airways 2 miles per dollar cashback (was 4 miles per dollar 22 days ago) Go to US Airways
Bank of America 5 points per dollar cashback (was 4 points per dollar 20 days ago) Go to Bank of America
Wells Fargo 4 points per dollar cashback (was 3 points per dollar about 1 year ago) Go to Wells Fargo
Southwest Airlines 3 points per dollar rebate (was 6 points per dollar 27 days ago) Go to Southwest Airlines